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Cow Games

Killer Cows

Evil cows are invading the planet, now it's time to stand up and protect your way of life. Once the game loads, click the play area to continue. Just watch the short intro and then shoot those cows with a left click of the mouse. Hit as many cows as possible in the time available.

Click here to play Killer Cows!

Milk Panic

Cows in this farm have eaten something unknown and they are producing instant milk. Object of this game is to milk them before its too late. Don't forget to empty your bucket before milking more.

Click here for Milk Panic

Cow Fighter

This is virtual cow fighting based on Verbier's annual tradition, “Combat de Reines”. Go 4 rounds with returning champion Mike Bison and see if you've got what it takes to make it onto the Top 50 leaderboard.

Click here to be a Cow Fighter

Cow Pie Shooter

You can shoot cow pies at cow steaks that fly from the sky. Cows don't like steak, so click on the cow to shoot the steak with a cow pie! There are 10 rounds per game. You only get one cow pie per round, so aim well!

Click here to shoot Cow Pies

The Singing Cow

It makes an indescribably bad noise, but we like it. Simply click the keys to make your own, er, 'moo-sic', or click the numbers for riproaring 'tunes' that will reduce grown men to tears. We suggest you turn your speakers down l-o-w.

Click here for the Singing Cow

Blue Cow Memory Match

Find the matching animal pairs to remove the cards and reveal the hidden farm animals behind them. Make sure you have your sound turned on!

Click here for Memory Match

 Save the Cow
Save the Cow


More to come ....

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